The Killing of the Innocents in Congo

From America: The National Catholic Weekly

by Kevin Clarke, originally posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 05:51:23 PM

You may be aware that conditions in Sudan are reaching a crisis point as the referendum on southern independence comes up January 9. Many international observers are growing increasingly concerned about the likelihood of violence between the Arab north and the Christian and traditional south if, as is expected, independence is approved. But even before that dangerous deadline is another worrisome date, Christmas. In year's past the Lord's Resistance Army has "celebrated" Dec. 25 with unspeakable cruelty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect is calling on all parties which have committed to protecting noncombatants in Sudan since the signing of the 2005 peace accord to prepare to intervene before the LRA can strike again this year. Last year 320 Congolese villagers were slaughtered by the LRA and the toll the Christmas before that was even higher.

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