Advent Devotion – December 15, 2010

Scripture – Luke 3:7–14

2010 Advent Devotion for web I was nineteen years old when I first encountered the reality of modern warfare. I was standing on the deck of a troop ship as it entered the harbor of Le Havre, France. As we threaded our way through the hulks of half-sunken ships, we could see in front of us the survivors of the city digging themselves out from under the rubble. It was in that moment that I felt God was calling me to be a peacemaker.

I am now eighty-four and am still searching for answers to the “insoluble” problems of justice and peace. We find a clue in the text for today, which introduces us to John the Baptist. John cared deeply about “the fruits of repentance”—how we treat each other in this life:

“Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise” (Luke 3:11).
Those who do the work of seizing the produce of the land for shipment to Rome must cease and desist (paraphrase of
Luke 3:13).
And the soldiers who make it possible for the “tribute takers” to steal the granaries of the peasant farmers must stop this thievery at once! (paraphrase of Luke 3:14).
These words point clearly to the link between faith and ethics. Those who work for justice and peace know from their experience that there can be no peace without justice.

Loving God, teach us to do justly and love loving-kindness. And help us to understand what that means. Amen.

The Rev. William W. Rogers, Hanover, Indiana

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