For the peace of Jerusalem

Send a Christmas card to President Obama.

Click here to send the president a Christmas Card.For the Peace of Jerusalem is a national Christian campaign for Israeli-Palestinian peace now.

We are calling for valiant U.S. leadership in the peace process and we believe that this peace must be achieved soon, for the good of all human kind.

Today the peace process is failing, obstructed by obstacles both daunting and superficial. But we are calling for its revival now. We believe that peace in the Holy Land is vital, it is urgent, and it is possible.

We, as Christians across the United States, are taking up our role as peacemakers to work for peace in the historic Holy Land. During this season of Advent, the time of anticipation of Christ’s birth and God coming to dwell among us through the birth of a child, we are calling on you to join us in working for the birth of peace. 

What can you do? Send a Christmas card to President Obama!

Want to get your community involved? Click here to get help in making that happen.

Click here print a copy of the card. Mail it it to Churches for Middle East Peace for delivery. Send your card(s) to 110 Maryland Avenue NE #311, Washington DC 20002.

Join thousands of Christians across the United States in wishing the president a joyous Christmas and telling him that you believe in peace, you expect peace with justice and security for all, and you expect it soon.

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