One dad’s response to teen suicide : Bruce Reyes-Chow : City Brights

One dad's response to teen suicide : Bruce Reyes-Chow : City Brights.

Thanks to former PC(USA) Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow for his reflection on recent suicides by teenagers that have resulted from bullying and cyberbullying often around issues of sexuality and sexual orientation.

Bruce clearly states that such bullying and cyberbullying is wrong. We are all created and loved by God – to be honored and respected.

He provides links to stories that provide context and to resources for addressing this situation.

The challenge is – what will we do – what will we do to build community in homes, schools, and churches – community where young people can turn for support – community where it is not acceptable to harass and torment one another – community where such behavior is challenged and transformed – community where all are welcomed and safe.

What will we do?

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