A season of prayer for Sudan

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Our sisters and brothers in Sudan stand in need of prayer. The Sudan Council of Churches (SCC), at its 17th General Assembly in 2009, made an urgent appeal to all parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to reinvigorate their efforts and fulfill commitments agreed to in the CPA. Under the CPA, a referendum on self-determination is scheduled for South Sudan in January 2011.

In May 2010, the SCC noted, "This is a historic period in the history of Sudan. After the referendum in 2011 Sudan will never be the same again, whether we remain united or become two countries. Time is short, and urgent reflection and action are needed to ensure a peaceful future. . . . We are the people of God in Sudan, endowed with dignity and bound by destiny. . . . It is time to choose life. We have no time to waste."  (Italics added)

Furthermore, the SCC wrote, "The Sudanese Church commits itself to speak the truth fearlessly, to continue its Gospel mission to give a voice to the voiceless, the poor and the marginalized, and to address issues of national concern. We would like to assure the Sudanese people and the world at large that we shall continue to fulfill this God-given role as a prophetic voice and a positive instrument of peace, equality and justice for all." (Italics added)

The Church in Sudan, though mighty in faith, faces tremendous challenges, including limited resources and lack of security. In recognition of and response to this need, the Episcopal Church in 2009 and the 219th General Assembly (2010) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) committed to a Season of Prayer for Peace in Sudan. You are invited to join in this season of prayer by praying for:Renewed international commitment to full, timely implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement;

  • Renewed efforts by all parties to end hostilities in Darfur and elsewhere in Sudan and gain full access for humanitarian organizations to troubled areas;
  • Increased development assistance by the U.S. government, including assistance in providing security for the citizens of Southern Sudan, Darfur and other areas affected by violence.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Christ who witness to the gospel of Christ in extremely difficult circumstances and in conflict ridden areas;
  • Our partners in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan and the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church;
  • Our partner Across as it assists the churches in ministries of education, empowerment and health;
  • Our partner RECONCILE as it does peace building and trauma healing in areas of high inter-ethnic conflict;
  • Those who design and implement the referendum in South Sudan-that it might be free, fair, and transparent and that it will be conducted and implemented peacefully with wisdom prevailing;
  • All who suffer from the conflict-that they will not lose hope or faith;
  • Aid workers who provide relief;
  • God to transform the hearts of the leaders throughout Sudan so that they will seek to provide for the needs of the people rather than personal gain and to infuse leadership at all levels of civil, military, church and tribal leadership with the servant-leadership characteristics exemplified by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ;
  • Peace and justice for all the people of Sudan.


A sample prayer:
Gracious God, watch over the people of Sudan as preparations are made for the referendum in South Sudan. Guide the leaders that they may design and implement a vote that is fair and free, transparent and just. Fill the people with wisdom as they make their decisions. Grant grace that they might overcome hatred, anger, wrongs remembered and all that divides them; grace that they might come to view one another as brothers and sisters; and grace that they might engage the arduous but glorious task of living together. Break the hold of violence and inspire the people to show compassion to each other, to seek justice and to pursue peace. Inspire the nations and peoples of the world to act in ways that support and help the people of Sudan. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

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