Celebrate the International Day of Peace

Idp-new How will you celebrate the International Day of Peace?

September 21 is set by the United Nations General assembly as the International Day of Peace – a day when the world is called to observe a ceasefire, practice nonviolence, and reflect on the benefits of peacefully resolving disputes. Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate this day:

Ring your church bells


Create a peace prayer wall

Organize a vigil

Study nonviolence

Be one of A Million Minutes for Peace on September 21

Invite children, youth and young adults (and older adults!) to share their ideas for how peace can be pursued in writing, drawing, speaking, film or whatever media is appropriate

Invite peacemakers to reflect on their experiences and share their stories

Make origami cranes and display them 

Dedicate (or rededicate) a peace pole

Clean up a portion of God's creation

Offer seminars and lectures about peace 

Advocate on behalf of the START treaty (if it has not been ratified yet)

Tell the world that children are children, not soldiers

Address gun violence in your community

Use your imagination!

Share your ideas and information about your celebration with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program or on this blog.

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