A prayer on the killing of aid workers in Afghanistan

God of mercy,
we come to you in shock,
for those who extended aid,
those who offered healing,
those who provided care,
have been met with violence and death.
We grieve for those who
were killed in Afghanistan.
Our minds reel,
our hearts break,
our spirits ache.
Understanding fails,
words falter,
yet still we pray.
We give thanks for their witness,
for their kindness, courage and grace.
Comfort their families and friends
and all who mourn at their deaths.
Strengthen and sustain
all who go into harm’s way to care for others
in Afghanistan and other places.
Support the Afghani people
who seek to live in peace.
Touch the hearts of
those who committed this atrocity
and all who would turn to violence;
turn them to paths of peace
as lived by the aid workers who were killed
as lived by Jesus
in whose name we pray.

•    The Rev. Mark Koenig

Ten members of the Nuristan Eye Camp Expedition a medical team from the International Assistance Mission relief group were killed in Afghanistan, bringing to 17 the number of aid workers killed in the country this year. Another 19 have been abducted.

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