I pray for peace . . . Triennium Day 4

SMALL IMG_2344 Today marked the final day in the exhibit hall at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Participants stopped by the booth of the Presbyterian United Nations Ministry, the Office on Child Advocacy, and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and added their prayers to the peace prayer wall. Prayers posted today included prayers for peace for;

  • United States
  • Haiti
  • Arizona and their law on immigration
  • President Obama – and for his safety
  • loved ones
  • family members
  • Iraq
  • Zimbabwe
  • Uganda
  • India and Pakistan
  • soldiers
  • all those who face troubled times
  • those who have cancer – and for a cure
  • those whose lives are in turmoil
  • friends
  • Africa
  • those who mourn
  • North Korea
  • children around the world who face uncertainty
  • the Philippines
  • all who suffer
  • the people of Alaska
  • children affected by war
  • Guatemala
  • Afghanistan
  • the crumbling economy and those who are affected by it
  • Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • the Middle East
  • Colombia
    SMALL IMG_2326
  • troops serving overseas
  • broken hearts and suffering souls
  • everyone – that we might make a difference
  • children with depression
  • everyone to live in peace with God
  • people in pain
  • youth in poverty stricken areas
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • those who suffer from domestic violence
  • in our hearts
  • those affected by conflict minerals (the exploitation of natural resources)
  • children
  • those who experience hunger and poverty
  • health
  • those who live in abusive homes
  • our churches
  • city streets
  • God's peace to erase the walls we build between ourselves
  • everything that has breath
  • the United Nations
  • loving families
  • Mexico
  • people who live on the streets
  • the community of nations
  • Central America
  • the child soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army
  • that brings violence to an end

SMALL IMG_2357 Thanks to all who shared a prayer!

Please continue to pray for peace each day.

Visit Spiritual Nurture for Peacemakers to find prayers for peace each week.

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