Almost two a minute

117 Red Hand cards were made today at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium – in one hour. That's almost two messages every minute to be sent to world leaders to tell them that children are children, not soldiers!

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth.

If you were not there today, come by tomorrow.

Today's messages include:

I think children should skin their knee, not lose it.

If you teach children from a young age to fight, that's all they will know. When they will it ever stop?

Children have a purpose. To live. To laugh. To learn. And to love. Nowhere is fighting, enslavement, or death found in there.

Let the world be washed clean of the red on our hands.

Children should "do tricks for fun and not with guns."

Learn peace, not war.

Children should be just kids – not suffering from PTSD.

No one, least of all children, should be forced to kill.

Learn to love your neighbor.

A child should be learning, not assisting in death.

Children should be taught to read, not shoot!

Children fighting will have mental problems when older.

Let kids laugh & not fight.

Play ball – not kill them all

I grew up climbing trees and playing games. I pray that every child should be able to climb a tree.

Childhood is precious, it should never be wasted.

Children have a right to a life!

Children should be children with imaginations not war.

Let the kids play not make war

May the day come soon when these words ring true. The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, the Office of Child Advocacy and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program invite all  Triennium participants to stop by our booth and join the effort.

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