A prayer at a time of birth

Please pray for Ms. Judilyn Oliveros of the Philippines.

With support from the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Judilyn is scheduled to give birth in a hospital by c-section on July 23, 2010. She is one of the Morong 43 – a group of community health workers who were arrested on February 6, 2010 during a health care training event. Accused of making bombs, charges that the participants and their supporters including the UCCP deny, Judilyn and the other Morong 43 members have been in prison ever since.

The Christian Women’s Association-United Metropolis Conference of the
UCCP is providing particular support to Judilyn and the other Morong 43
during this time. The group includes Ms. Maria Mercedes (Mercy) Castro
who is also pregnant and due in October. The Christian Women’s
Association is appealing, on humanitarian grounds, for the release of
Judilyn, Mercy, and the other men and women of the Morong 43.

May God grant strength and courage to Judilyn.
May God guide her doctor and those who care for her.
May God touch the hearts of the leaders of the Philippines to release Judilyn so she can care for her child and to release the other members of the Morong 43.
May God lead the leaders and the people of the Philippines in the ways of justice and the paths of peace.

Your gifts can help support victims of human rights violations in the Philippines.

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