Red Hands at Triennium – Day 1

Blog 1 Over 250 participants in the Presbyterian Youth Triennium created Red Hands to carry the message to world leaders that children are children, not soldiers.

Some amazing messages were written:

Stop the use of child soldiers: what if it was your brother or sister?

Kids should wear smiles, not uniforms.

Kids should be chasing butterflies and finding shapes in the clouds.

Toss a ball – not a bomb.

Kids should be able to shoot basketball, not guns.

Children should be making music together.

Children should be playing soccer, not fighting. (Clearly influenced by the World Cup!)

Children should be praising God, not fighting!

Jesus called the children unto him for love and peace.

350,000 should be 0 = ZERO (350,000 is one of the estimates for the number of children currently being used as soldiers.)

Children should be exploring and adventuring.

Children should be receiving an education.

Children should be growing – not destroying.

Children should play like children, not fight like adults.

Blog 2 May the day come soon when these words ring true. The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, the Office of Child Advocacy and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program thank all who made red hands today. If you are at Triennium stop by our booth and join the effort.

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