A prayer of hope for peace in Colombia

O God, how long will those who make war govern our countries?
O God, how long will those who steal, kill and destroy have so much power?
O God, how long will security be like a long night of terror?
O God, how long will the search for justice be dangerous in our world?

God of justice and peace, God of the humble and the powerless,
Hear our cry, listen to our prayer, have compassion for our pain.
God, be merciful to the millions of displaced people, hear the cry of the captives.

God of hope, who accompanies us, sustains us and encourages us.
See our sadness, look at our anguish, be moved by our tears.
God, hear the cry of those who have been killed, liberate the righteous, give security to our land.

God of peace, put an end to plans for war and violence in Colombia.
God of justice, do not allow trade agreements that produce poverty.
God of goodness, do not let those who are evil continue to succeed.

O God, listen to us, who are in prayer in Colombia and the United States.
O Holy Spirit, bring us together in common action for peace in Colombia and in the world;
O Jesus, help us work together for the good news of peace,
That as your churches we might accompany and give protection to those who suffer.
We want to be a sign of solidarity and celebrate together the hope of your kingdom.

Milton Mejia
Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia

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