Pray for Colombia at the time of presidential election

Reprinted with permission from Called to Colombia.

Colombia prayer As Colombia moves toward presidential elections, please:

Pray for candidates, for honesty, integrity, and an openness to the Spirit in their quest to gain the power to govern.

Pray for the judges and other election workers, that they may work fairly and openly to conduct the business of voting, without intimidation or corruption.

Pray for the people voting, for courage and wisdom, that they my courageously use their vote without fear or intimidation, and that they my widely use their voice for a country of peace and wholeness for all.

Pray for Colombia on May 30th and June 20th, but also pray for the country on the days after, for we know that democracy does not only consist of elections, but of a society of accountability and honesty, of respect and peace.

A good site for English language news concerning the election is Colombia Reports 2010 Election site.

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