2010 Peacemaking Seminar – regional and community conversations

Re-membering Peace: Still the Believers' Calling

Conversation 2 David Young 2010 Peacemaking Seminar

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program

Ghost Ranch Conference Center, Abiquiu, NM

August 25—28, 2010 (depart August 29)

Register now for the seminar.

Each afternoon, seminar participants can participate in focused Threads of Conversation. These small groups will be configured in different ways and focus on different themes each day. No advance selection is required at the time of registration. Participants will help determine the groups and make their selections at the seminar.

On Thursday, August 26, there will be two opportunities to take part in Threads of Conversation:

Session 1—Regional Conversations will offer participants from the same geographic areas a one-hour session to meet and exchange ideas, share current efforts or create a support network.

Session 2—Community Conversations will offer participants a one-hour session to gather in communities of people that are of interest to them (i.e. race, age, or leadership roles).

If you are unable to attend the seminar, your gift to the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program will help others participate.

The photo is by David Young.

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