Salt and light

Cultural Performance Salt and light.

Those images, drawn from the words of Jesus, were at the heart of the unison Affirmation and Benediction used during the Ecumenical Welcome Reception and Orientation for the election observers held at the Shalom Center of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. The National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the People’s International Observers Mission (PIOM) sponsored the reception. Ms. Norma Dollaga, Head of Secretariat, PIOM, wrote the Affirmation and Benediction. It is reprinted with permission.

Affirmation and Benediction (in unison)

Called to be SALT,
May we be emerged to the common dreams and aspirations of the people.
May we know and experience the meaning of living and hoping with those who have been broken for various reasons:
wars of aggression, wars of occupation, economic deprivation, forced dislocation, migration, injustice, corruption, persecution, hunger, disease, and poverty, betrayal, infidelity, betrayal, indifference.

Called to be LIGHT,
May we who wish to give light endure burning.
May we be a constant fire that will not be consumed even at the darkest moment of the night.
May we remain faithful until the end, till we behold the promise of Life!!!

We are the Salt of the earth, the Light of this world
Wherever and whatever this journey will lead us,
We believe we can make a lot of difference!  Amen.
By God’s grace, may the people of the Philippines, the faith communities, labor organizations and other groups of the Philippines, and the international observers make "a lot of difference" toward ensuring a free and fair election.

Nancy Eng MacNeill of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program provided this information and took the photo.

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