Observing Elections in the Philippines

Please hold the people of the Philippines in prayer in the days leading
up to the May 10 national elections. In response to invitations from our sisters and brothers in Christ in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, a number of Presbyterians have traveled (or at the time of this writing are traveling) to the Philippines to serve as observers in the May 10 elections.

A number of Presbyterians will be serving as election observers in the Philippines. The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the PC(USA) Office on Asia and the Pacific have arranged for the participation of Nancy Eng MacNeill of the Peacemaking Program staff and the Rev. Matt Lang of Chicago. The Rev. Larry Emery, pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in Walnut Grove, CA has organized the Philippine Election Observation Team. Participants in that team include the Rev. Garry Cox of Sacramento Presbytery, Justin Emery, member of Community Presbyterian Church in Walnut Grove, CA, Dr. Joyce Mercer, professor at Virginia Theological Seminary, the Rev. Roger Powers, pastor of Light Street Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, MD, Carli Knickerbocher, Cristy Ostroff, and Marcos Scauso of Argentina. Additional election observers will come from the United States and other countries. Please hold all the election monitors in your prayers.

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