Learn about UN peacekeeping operations

Learn about
United Nations peacekeeping operations around the globe.

UN peacekeeping is the second largest deployment of troops around the world, with 17 peacekeeping operations from Haiti to Afghanistan, Iraq to Timor-Leste. This new site is designed to show how each mission strengthens American interests — in foreign policy, global peace, and security — every day.

A timely example is the work of UN peacekeepers in Haiti. Before the earthquake, UN peacekeepers were already working there with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to train Haitian National Police to keep drugs from being shipped through Haiti to the United States.

And in the earthquake's aftermath, UN peacekeepers were on the ground working hand-in-hand with the U.S. armed forces to pull victims from the rubble, offer critical services, and start the rebuilding process. Check out this mission and many others.

The UN peacekeepers are not perfect. Operations are strained and in need of additional support and guidance. Mandates for peacekeepers have been inadequate at times. Individual peacekeepers have engaged in misconduct. Steps are being taken to address these concerns. Peace Operations 2010 outlining plans to reform the key areas of peacekeeping personnel, doctrine, partnerships, resources, and organization.


Nonetheless, peacemaking missions facilitate peace processes, protect civilians, reform judicial systems, train security and police forces, disarm and reintegrate former combatants, and support refugees and the internally displaced.

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