Live the Believers’ Calling – Celebrate 30 Years

New Logo color This year brings the 30th anniversary of Peacemaking: The Believers' Calling.

This document affirmed that peacemaking is a central task of individuals and communities who follow Jesus Christ. It celebrated the long history and faithful witness of Presbyterian peacemakers. And it called the church to renewed, intentional ministries seeking peace and pursuing justice.

The Peacemaking Offering was established to help fund peacemaking ministries across the Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program was created to engage in ministry and to support Presbyterians, congregations, synods, and other groups in their ministries.

Over the next month, an idea for celebrating this anniversary will be shared each day on this blog. If that's too long to wait, check them out now.

30 Ways to Mark 30 Years

A Litany of Celebration on the Thirtieth Anniversary of Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling

Peace to This House – a canticle by Joy Luscombe and Jeffrey Gaines for use as a call to worship

Emmanuel Live in Us – a canticle by Joy Luscombe and Jeffrey Gaines for use as a call to worship

Peacemaking Scenes Through the Seasons – six, brief skits

Share your plans and celebrations with the Peacemaking Program who will share them with others.

Your gifts to the Peacemaking Offering support Presbyterian peacemaking ministries.

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