People’s Movement for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World

Founded last October, a new People’s Movement for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World is dedicated to the mission of “energizing and engaging people everywhere to envision a world free of nuclear weapons” and to work toward making it happen.

The new movement, which grew out of the interests of a Church School class and the Peace and Justice Committee at North Decatur Presbyterian Church, is busy setting up a website and organizing a range of informative activities.

A Speakers’ Bureau has been organized to visit local groups interested in learning more about the movement and its programs. Buttons displaying the Nuclear Weapons-Free World logo are also available for distribution.

A Documentary Film

The movement is in process of acquiring several copies of a documentary film, Nuclear Tipping Point, which premiered recently at Universal Studies in Hollywood. The film is introduced by  General Colin Powell and narrated by actor Michael Douglas.

Nuclear Tipping Point features personal stories and conversations with former Secretaries of State George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of Defense William Perry, and former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn—all of whom have spoken out strongly against nuclear weapons.

The People’s Movement for a Nuclear Weapons—Free World is also encouraging the public and local groups to make plans to observe May 2 as the “International Day of Action for a Nuclear Free World.” (Note: if you cannot go to New York, organize an event in your own community.)

For more information, contact People's Movement for a Nuclear Weapons.

The People’s Movement for a Nuclear Weapons—Free World has been endorsed and is supported by the Peacemaking Committee of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. This material originally appeared in the Peacemaking Committee's newsletter and is posted with permission.

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