Face the displaced: Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

DOPA 10 Daira Sample Face Barranquilla, Colombia

Here's the ask: Participate in the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. This year's focus is on Colombians who are internally displaced.

Here's the background: Those of us who have gathered to discuss the Colombia Accompaniment Program, have heard from sisters and brothers in Colombia who have been displaced and from church leaders and human rights activists who work with them. Among them are individuals whose stories are featured in resource packet.

Reports indicate that some four million Colombians have been forcibly displaced from their homes by war and conflict. Others sources say the number could be as high as five million. Whatever the number, Colombians and Colombia faces a grave crisis. Of course, in instances where God's children are exploited and abused, numbers are meaningless. One is always too many.

Here's the plan: Between now and April 30, universities, faith communities, and organizations are invited to creating portraits of Colombia’s displaced people to be later displayed in poignant, eye-catching displays. Each Colombian's face will be literally framed by a message to President Obama. The faces make will serve to raise awareness.

Faith communities across the country are invited to pray for peace in Colombia during April and to focus a worship service on Colombia.

After April, all the faces will be sent to Washington, D.C. for one final, massive display and to be presented in person to representatives of the Obama Administration.

Presbyterians have been engaged in ministry with the people of Colombia since 1856. The 218th General Assembly (2008) adopted a Report on Human Rights in Colombia.

Share your story of observing the Days of Prayer and Action with the People of Colombia.

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