Speak now on health care reform

It appears that the House of Representatives will vote on health care reform this weekend.

Now is the time to contact your representative and make your opinion known. Whether you oppose the proposed plan, support the proposed plan, or would like some alternative plan, your representative needs to hear from you.

Call, email, or fax now.

Learn more about what the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has said on health care reform

Send an email based on the General Assembly positions.

Find contact information for elected officials to send a different message.

God's vision of peace encompasses the wholeness and well-being of all people and all creation. As peacemakers, we are called to live into that vision. So we care about the health of our sisters and brothers and how they are able to receive care when they are in need. God is God of all of life. So we pray for our sisters and brothers, we provide them care by creating hospitals, and we engage in the public arena, pondering how to do justice and considering how we will shape our life together and the systems and mechanisms by which care is provided.

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