A Prayer for the People of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar-slide-image Gracious God, we pray for the people of Myanmar. Guide them in the paths of peace and the ways of justice. We pray for the children of Myanmar, especially those who are soldiers, orphans, refugees, or forced into labor and prostitution. We pray for those who are imprisoned unjustly, those who endure spiritual and physical oppression, and for our sisters and brothers in Christ. We pray for those in the country who suffer from AIDS and for women and girls who are subjected to rape and forced labor. We pray for families that have been separated and all who have been internally displaced or driven across borders. Stand with them as they seek to rebuild their lives. Lead those who deliver humanitarian aid and supplies. Touch the hearts of the leaders and the people that they might put an end to corruption and crime. Touch the hearts of leaders and people around the world that we might reach out to the people of Myanmar in ways that help them on the journey to justice. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mark Koenig, inspired by the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

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Photo by David P. Young

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