Support development in Palestine

Cross-stitch "They shall build houses and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and eat of their fruit." Isaiah 65:21

This Biblical vision, which has consistently guided the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s work in both Israel and Palestine, provides a context for Commissioners’ Resolution 04-19 of the 216th (2004) General Assembly.  That resolution provided a commitment to undertake “an intentional and systematic effort of development and compassionate action in Palestine.”  After extensive research and conversations with partner churches and church-based organizations in Palestine and Israel, three areas were identified for the implementation of this resolution:

  1. Promotion of visits to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza
  2. Support of our Palestinian Christian partners in providing low-cost housing for their communities
  3. Expansion of international marketing for Palestinian crafts and related products

This approach was endorsed by the General Assembly Mission Council at meetings in February and April 2006.

One of the projects is Import Peace that markets fair trade, organic Palestinian olive oil. Import Peace was created by participants in the 2006 Peacemaking Educational Event in Israel and Palestine.

The Office of Interfaith Relations also suggests positive alternatives for investing in MidEast peace and development.

About the photo: Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery has become an important symbol of Palestinian culture. Photo by Steve Sabella, courtesy of Sunbula.

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