Advent devotion – December 18, 2009

ADVENT Roberto Scripture:
Genesis 3:8–15

Advent is the story of God’s search for us. God continues to ask, “Where are you?”

Genesis 3 confronts us with the process by which human beings began to create separation. The first two chapters of the Bible speak to us of the development of common links, enhancing the fullness of life by which God “saw that everything was good” in experiences of interrelatedness. Genesis 3 shows us what goes on when we human beings decide to push God from the center of creation to the fringe and place ourselves at the center. Our interrelatedness is broken, so we hide. We cannot be found because we have broken the intimacy God had planned for, so God calls, “Where are you?” This break results in distances: between man and woman, with God, with creation and within us; and for the first time in the Bible we read, “I was afraid” (v. 10).

Advent is the time to prepare for celebration and reunion. It is God’s plan to recreate the fullness of life through the birth of Jesus, who came to restore, to liberate, and to guide us.

God once again is the center, and all creation may enjoy the fullness of life.

In all brokenness God always chooses to find us. Thus, Advent is the time between “Where are you?” and “God with us.”

Liberating God, when we set up walls and create distance, you again build bridges. When we hide out of fear, you call for us. This has always been your peacemaking vocation. Thank you for your insistence. Amen.

The Rev. Roberto H. Jordan, Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The picture is of art by Silvia A. Rodriguez

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