Advent devotion – December 17, 2009

Scripture – Psalm 18:1–20

Psalm 18 was David’s song of triumph when God delivered him from the power of his enemies. After David called on him for help, God in his omnipotence was willing to move heaven and earth to show his love to David.

How can we not love God! We think that our money, education, and experiences can get us out of any difficult situation by ourselves. But unless we call upon God for assistance, we will not prevail. We will not experience the joy that David felt when God rescued him from his danger.

As his children, we need to learn to trust God in the darkest times in our lives, to call out his name for help so that we can feel joy and the presence of God in our lives.

So too are we not only to serve our Lord, but to act justly and live to love our neighbors as he loves us.

O Lord, may we always remember to say “I love and trust you” every waking moment of our lives. We are not alone . . . you are with us! Amen.

Elder Esperanza Guajardo
vice chair, Justice Committee
General Assembly Mission Council, PC(USA)

Order Proclaiming the Good News of God's Peace.

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