Advent devotion – December 6, 2009

Scripture: Luke 1:68–79

When I was young, I saw only a few Christian churches. Today, the number has increased dramatically. When I consider the aim of Christ’s coming and the purpose of the church, I imagine a world where people live in love, justice, and uprightness. Unfortunately, I see much violence in the world—war, genocide, gender inequality, exclusion, exploitation, marginalization, destruction of the environment, famine, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. Today we are talking about the crisis of climate change. Eh! What a contrast to the vision we have in Christ.

Luke reminds us of God’s call to practice justice and uprightness. That is what God loves. We have fallen, let us stand and come back to our responsibilities.

The World Alliance of Reformed Churches has justice at the heart of its work. Churches are invited to break the chains of injustice, to celebrate life in abundance, to refuse empire, and to practice gender equality. The World Council of Churches has launched a decade to overcome violence.

Jesus has come to restore this broken life. Let us light up the world with justice and uprightness so that thousands and thousands of people will see the light of Jesus in their lives. Let us start with small things, and with persistence we will reach our goal. Amen.
Lord, you are the only one who can forgive our weaknesses. We have failed in our responsibilities to practice justice and uprightness. Please give us the strength, intelligence, and wisdom to fulfill our duties as Christians. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Monique Misenga, director, Women and Families Department
Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
2008 International Peacemaker

Order Proclaiming the Good News of God's Peace.

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