All I Want for Christmas

Leaning When it comes to Christmas music, I confess that I jump the season.

At least in my personal life.

Professionally, when I am designing worship, I can maintain tight seasonal boundaries.

Stores may decorate. Cards may arrive. Specials may air. Worshipers may complain.

I stick to choosing Advent themes (or predominantly Advent-themed Christmas songs) Sunday after Sunday (or at least those Sundays when I am asked to plan worship and preach).

There is a boundary in my personal musical life as well – but it is the first Sunday of Advent. That's the day I start searching for the case with the Christmas CDs (not an easy find this year for some reason). That's the day I turn again to the Christmas playlist on the iPod. That's the day I synch the iPod to make sure that I got the songs. That's the day I start exploring new musical possibilities – this year's first purchase – New Orleans Christmas – honors our upcoming family Christmas celebration helping rebuild in New Orleans.

This morning, the playlist came across several songs by david m. bailey. I have heard his music before and have heard him in concert. But I purchased his Christmas album, Some Quiet Night, in the 2008 "offseason" so this was the first time I had heard it. Good, good stuff!

One song that touched me is one david wrote himself, "All I Want for Christmas." I did a quick search for it on YouTube and came up empty. If anyone spots it or knows where it is, let me know and I will include a link. A sample of the lyrics:

But this year I'm gonna break tradition
I'm gonna do just like my nephew and my niece
This year I'm sending him a letter
And all I want for Christmas is peace.

Now peace can be a complicated matter
Rumors of war may never cease
Perhaps we just need a stronger politician
Or maybe a prince – a Prince of Peace

Check out Some Quite Night.

The picture is from david's Web page. Hope he doesn't mind!

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