Congo conflict minerals on 60 Minutes – November 29

Map-congo-dem-rep This coming Sunday, November 29, CBS’ 60 Minutes will turn its attention to the scourge of conflict minerals in Congo.  Earlier this year, Enough’s co-founder, John Prendergast, accompanied the 60 Minutes team to eastern Congo to investigate the impact that the minerals trade, and particularly gold, has on the conflict. Check your local listings for the proper channel and time.

Host a house party screening of the episode. Invite your friends over for a house screening of the episode and start a discussion.  We’ve created a House Screening Toolkit to help get you started.

Check out the Conflict Minerals web portal to learn more about the issue, view our newest videos and slideshows, download resources, and learn how you can take action.

Find a curriculum for high school students and a Teach-In for college students, called “Congo on Campus.”

Presbyterians have a long history of ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Among those engaged in this ministry were William Sheppard, Lucy Gantt Sheppard, and Samuel Lapsley. William Sheppard played a significant role in documenting atrocities that took place in the Congo Free State that belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium.

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