Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution

Pages from NonviolenceofJesusTrocmePlough Publishing House has made available the book Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution [PDF] by André Trocmé [PDF]. It may be read online or downloaded.

André, and his wife Magda, were Huguenots – French Reformed Christians. They were also pacifists.

During the Second World War, the Trocmés were in Le Chambon sur Lignon, where André served as co-pastor of the French Reformed Church. A farming village on a pine-studded plateau in the mountains of south-central France, Le Chambon became a magnet to a stream of refugees that included both French and foreign Jews.

The people of Le Chambon, with the Trocmés and Edouard Theis, the other co-pastor, protected those who reached their community. Estimates are that the 5,000 Jews were saved – one for each resident of the village.

Andre and Magda Trocmé later worked for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

First appearing in English in 1972, Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution [PDF] continues its eloquent witness to the strength and power of nonviolence in the name of Jesus

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