Isaiah and the work of the United Nations

SMALL UN by PUNO 2 Check out the new study on the United Nations from The Thoughtful Christian.

In three sessions, this group Bible study for adults discusses the biblical hope for peace among the nations in Isaiah and the work of the United Nations.

The United Nations is an organization with grand goals, yet is frequently seems to be undermined by the weakness of its structure. Without a nation-state political force of its own, without jurisdiction or fundraising ability, it still attempts to provide food for hungry people, peace for beleaguered nations, and hope that the world might move past its violent tendencies toward a safer, more equitable future.

This study explores the creation of the United Nations, its successes and continuing missions and challenges. Using the prophet Isaiah’s vision of the “peaceable kingdom,” the study includes options for participants to engage the topic through conversation, “mock” hearings, art, and peacemaking litanies.

The authors are Robert Smylie, long-time staff person at the Presbyterian United Nations Office and Martha Bettis Gee of the Office of Child Advocacy.

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