They knew the way to San Jose

Tracey and Delia On their visit to the Presbytery of San Jose, the Rev. Delia Leal and Ms. Tracey King spoke about issues of peace, justice, and mission in Guatemala in the name of Jesus Christ.

Their visit included a presentation at a Mission Challenge Dinner at the Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos.

Delia and Tracey are traveling together as part of the partnership between the International Peacemakers program of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the World Mission Challenge program of the World Mission ministry.

Delia, who is from Guatemala, is an ordained Nazarene pastor currently serving two churches.  She also works with the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA), a partner organization of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). She is the regional coordinator for the Women’s Pastoral Program that promotes the dignity and self-esteem of women, works to eliminate violence against women and children, and provides training that transforms women’s leadership in the church and community.

Delia and Tracey 9.26.09 Tracey is the regional liaison for the PC(USA) in Central America. In this role she helps partner churches and congregations interested in ministry in Central America. Her ministry has a special focus on programs of reconciliation and peacemaking.

The picture at the top of the story is by the Rev. Mark Burnham.

The picture near the end of the story is provided by Pat Plant.

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