On the road with International Peacemakers

International Peacemaker Logo Eleven International Peacemakers, church leaders from partner churches of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in other countries, recently traveled around the country telling about ministries of peace and justice in the name of Jesus Christ in their home countries.

Five of these individuals went with a Presbyterian mission co-worker as part of a partnership between the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the World Mission Challenge of the World Mission ministry.

Where have these followers of Jesus traveled?

Delia Leal and Tracey King from Guatemala have been to Presbytery of San Jose.

Vinita Eusebius of India has been to the Presbytery of Homestead (NE).

Lamiel Phiri of Zimbabwe has been to Presbytery of Seattle.

Nazeli Vardanyan has been to the Presbytery of Miami Valley and the Presbytery of Western New York.

Among the places that Ellen Smith and Piotr Romme from Russia went was Franklin, WI. They stories they told of working with the Roma people. Piotr's story of having to chose between higher education and being a Christian touched many who heard them. Ellen and Piotr also visited Genesee Valley Presbytery. The Presbytery's staff person for peacemaking, Chava Redonnet reflects on her visit with them in Rochester.

Diego Higuita-Arango preached on his vision of peace during two worship services at First Presbyterian Church in Neenah, Wisconsin on World Communion Sunday, October 4. This visit took him to Winnebago Presbytery.

Orozu Lokine Daky and Ingrid Reneau spoke about peacemaking efforts in Sudan. Their journeys took them to Maryville, TN among other places.

Actually all of the International Peacemakers and mission co-workers have been to many places. These are just the ones we know. They have about one more week of travel left – see if they will be near you. [PDF]

More will follow as we learn more.

Please pray for the peacemakers, mission co-workers, and all who heard them.

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