Peace be with you

Here again is the video that promotes the Peacemaking Offering.

A litany based on the video is available. Download Peace Be with You Litany [PDF]. It appears below the video. It may be adapted for use when the Peacemaking Offering is received.

A Litany based on the script for the video Peace Be with You

NOTE. Please feel free to expand or adapt the litany to include ministries supported by the Peacemaking Offering as it has been or will be used in your congregation, presbytery, or synod.

Reader 1: “Peace be with you.”

Reader 2: These were the first words offered by the risen Christ to his followers on that first Easter evening.

Reader 3: Two thousand years later, we still hear Christ’s words speaking peace to a people seeking to be faithful.

Reader 2: Through the Peacemaking Offering, Presbyterians support ministries that seek to live into Christ’s words.

Reader 3: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 2: means that congregations facing tough issues have help and tools to live together in community,

Reader 1+3: respect each other’s differences,

Reader 2: and seek God’s leading even in the midst of conflict.

Congregation: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 1: provides individuals and small groups with materials to participate in Bible studies,

Reader 2: devotions, and topical studies

Reader 1+2+3: that help us respond to Christ’s call to peace.

Congregation: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 2+3: looks like two or more Presbyterians gathered for worship, education, and fellowship

Reader 1: that the Holy Spirit might inspire and encourage us to live into God’s vision of shalom.

Congregation: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 2: recognizes that our faith is personal but not private;

Reader 3: our faith challenges us to work in the world

Reader 2: to bring about righteousness and justice through engagement in public witness.
Congregation: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 1: brings people of diverse cultures together

Reader 2: to learn from each other,

Reader 3: to discern how the Holy Spirit leads us to live faithfully in some of the world’s most troubled spots.

Congregation: “Peace be with you”—

Reader 2: challenges all Presbyterians to hear again the risen Christ calling us to a new quality of eternal life in this world and in the age to come.

Reader 1: Make a difference today.

Reader 1+2: Give to the Peacemaking Offering.

Reader 1+2+3: Discover how the peace of Christ can transform our lives and the world.

Congregation: “Peace be with you.”

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