Domestic Violence Awareness


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Sunday, October 18 in 2009 is designated as Presbyterian Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday. To assist congregations in effectively raising issues related to domestic violence, the Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network offers their 2009 Awareness Packet on Teen Dating Violence

Among the resources in this year’s packet, you will find an article on the inappropriate use of texting and cell phones, a letter from a father to his children on the gift of their sexuality, a youth activity on dating violence for youth group leaders, a lesson plan for a session on teen dating violence from Anguished Hearts, a covenantal contract for teens and their families and youth group leaders to sign around the issues of dating and sexuality, suggested resources for teens on dating violence, the teen power and control and equality wheels, a dating “bill of rights,” a bulletin insert on dating violence and sermon suggestions using October’s lectionary readings to address issues of relationship violence.

Additional resources to address domestic violence are also available.

The Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network is one of the ten networks of the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association.

October 18 is also designated as the Children's Sabbath.

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