A million minutes for peace

Can you give a minute to pray for peace?

On September 21, the Idp-new International Day of Peace, we are invited to pause for a minute at 12:00 noon ET and pray in our own way for peace.

If that time does not work, find another time that does when your prayers can be added.

Make the Peace Pledge to participate in A Million Minutes for Peace. The pledge is simply to pray. The Peace Pledge with its signatories will be presented to the United Nations Secretary-General on September 18.

Share a prayer.

Check out the I Pledge Peace page on Facebook.

Odyssey Networks and a number of partners, including the American Bible Society, World Conference of Religions for Peace, and Church World Service are sponsoring A Million Minutes for Peace.

Find other resources to observe the International Day of Peace including a hymn lamenting gun violence by the Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.

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