Christians in Iraq

The Obama Administration recently responded to the July 22 letter from Churches for Middle East Peace [PDF] to Secretary Clinton that expressed concern about the resurgence of violence in Iraq, particularly violence toward the vulnerable and ancient Christian community.

The Administration response was a letter sent on behalf of Secretary Clinton by Michael Corbin [PDF], Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Near East Affairs. The Administration responded and said “we will continue to work closely with the Government of Iraq to preserve the long-term future of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq.” The letter also said that the Iraqi government has taken steps to increase protection for Christians by assigning Iraqi security forces to guard churches, increasing security patrols in Christian neighborhoods, and by investigating the recent attacks.

Prayforiraq Our brothers and sisters in Christ have invited us to join them in prayer each day at noon.

Christianity in Iraq dates from the apostolic era and is one of the oldest organized churches in the world. Presbyterians have been in ministry with the people of Iraq since the early 1800s.
Order a bulletin insert about praying with the Christians of Iraq and all affected by the war.

Find prayers for those affected by the war written by Iraqi Christians, U.S. military personnel, families of U.S. military personnel and others.

Order a bulletin insert on the Christians of Iraq.

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