Violence between Muslims and Christians in Pakistan

The Office on Interfaith Relations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reports:

Mob attacks on Christian homes in Korian and Gajra, Pakistan, resulted in many injuries and a number of deaths. The National Council of Churches in Pakistan confirmed nine deaths and "lambasted the Muslim extremists who acted in a frenzy of rage over phony blasphemy charges." The Council is demanding that the Pakistani government "reconsider" the blasphemy laws.

Christian organizations in Pakistan "announced plans to mark a 'black day' on August 11 to protest the persecution of Christians in Pakistan," CNS News reported.

The Islamic Society of North America condemned the riots as a "frenzy of fanatacism" in which the perpetrators have "demeaned themselves as … the 'lowest of the low'" (Qur'an 95.5). They call for the Pakistani government to "take the responsibility, apologize to the victims for its failure to provide protection, bring the perpetrators to justice, and provide relief and support to victims. Muslims of Pakistan should collectively rise to the occasion [and] demonstrate their sympathy and solidarity with the affected members of the Christian community."

Pray for the people of Pakistan. Learn about Presbyterians at work in Pakistan.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is supporting Pakistanis affected by this violence and in the Swat Valley.

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