Moved By Faith: A Call for Peace in Sudan

Small Writing a Letter 2_edited Here is a letter to President Barack Obama on behalf of peace in Sudan.

Please send this letter to the President. For email, copy the letter below; go to the web form provided by the Presbyterian Church’s Washington Office; check "compose your own letter" and paste the letter into the form and do any editing you would like. By mail, down the letter below (it is a Word document) and edit it. The mailing address is President Barack Obama, The White House, District of Columbia 20500.

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Dear Mr. President,

I write to express our support for your work to achieve lasting peace in Sudan. We urge you to continue those efforts that will bring peace to millions that live in violence and fear while lacking the basic services essential for survival. Our shared humanity connects us to people in need, and our faith leads us to shed light on situations of injustice. For decades, the citizens of Sudan have been plagued by war, famine and marginalization. Our faith inspires us to work for justice throughout the world, and we know that the leadership of the United States is critical if holistic peace, development and equality are to be realized in Sudan.

Four years after the U.S. helped broker the pivotal 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), it is clear that peace between the north and south remains extremely fragile, and fears of renewed civil war are on the rise. We thank your administration for recent efforts to address the current state of the CPA along with representatives of Sudan and the international community. We ask that you continue, along with the signatories of the agreement and the international community, to ensure that all aspects of the CPA are fully implemented to help achieve a just and lasting peace for the people of Sudan, including the people of the Three Areas-South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei.

In Darfur, after more than five years of violence, displacement, and rampant insecurity, millions of people now depend on humanitarian aid and are forced to live in makeshift camps. We urge your administration to continue working with the international community and key actors, including civil society, to help bring a sustainable peace agreement that will restore security and allow the Darfuri people to return freely to their homes and rebuild their lives.

The rarely discussed conflict and lack of development among the Beja in Eastern Sudan must also be resolved to ensure sustainable peace in Sudan. We urge your administration to play a role in ensuring the 2006 agreement is upheld.

As a person of faith, I am committed to peace, justice and the well-being of all God's people. I believe that your strong leadership is critical in realizing peace and justice in Sudan.

With thanks and prayers for your continued service,

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This is adapted from a letter provided by the Presbyterian Washington Office and is part of an ecumenical, interfaith effort to call for peace in Sudan.

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