6 August – Hiroshima Day

August 6 marks the anniversary of Hiroshima Day.

This is a day to:

  • remember those who died and were wounded by the bombing Hiroshima
  • remember all people of every nation who died and were wounded during World War II
  • recognize the unique nature of nuclear weapons as a spiritual matter; as Bill Coffin would say, "Only God has the right to destroy all life on the planet. All we have is the power."
  • pray for a world free from nuclear weapons
  • work for a world free from nuclear weapons

Find prayers for Hiroshima Day from the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.

Check out the Spring 2009 issue of Reflections, a publication of Yale Divinity School, that focused on nuclear weapons.

Find links to statements of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on nuclear weapons and other resources.

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