Building Beloved Community: Dismantling Racism

IMG_3311 SMALL My friends and colleagues Teresa Chavez Sauceda and David Bowie are leading a seminar at Ghost Ranch this summer with the title "Building Beloved Community: Dismantling Racism."

The seminar will take place the week of August 3 – 9, 2009. The cost is $250 + housing & meals before May 15; after May 15, it is $350 + housing & meals

The seminar will draw on the tools of antiracism training to offer a time for dialog and discovery, through Bible study and discernment to focus on understanding the ways that racism continues to shape our lives, to explore resources and strategies to dismantle racism and build community, and celebrate the amazing diversity of God's family! Participants are encouraged to bring resources to share.

Teresa and David are good folks. I have had the privilege to work with them individually and together. It should be a great week!

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