Prevent the Collapse of South Sudan

Urge Congress to act to prevent the collapse of South Sudan. Were a collapse to occur, it would gravely threaten prospects for peace in Sudan as a whole, including Darfur.

Since 2005, two million south Sudanese have returned to the homes and villages they were forced to abandon during a 21-year civil war. For many, the homecoming has degenerated into conditions of extreme poverty. Water, medical care, and seeds and tools to grow food are in short supply, with women bearing the greatest burden. Meanwhile, sparks of tribal and armed conflict have displaced almost 200,000 people in the past year.

While this is happening, the Government of Southern Sudan faces an economic crisis due to the drop in oil prices. Unable to pay salaries, including army salaries, the government has a cash flow shortage of $100 million per month.

The people need help to rebuild their lives. And the government must focus on the budget crisis to avoid a breakdown of law and order. A collapse would shatter any realistic prospect for peace in Sudan as a whole, including the Darfur region.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been in ministry with the people of Sudan for over 100 years.

The Sudan Advocacy Action Forum provides updates on the situation in the country.

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program provides links to further information about Sudan.

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