If you can’t make it to Atlanta, what about Ghost Ranch?

The summer bubbles over with good opportunities for learning, fellowship, and growth. Presbyterian Peacemaking Program staff members are involved in a number of them.

In June, there is the Big Tent where peacemakers will explore peacemaking in the neighborhood where neighbors are seen, not in terms of geographical location alone, but also in terms of our moral relationship.

Early July brings the Faith and Environment Conference at Montreat (July 7-11) and the Presbyterian Women's Gathering in Louisville (July 11-15).

From July 27 through August 2, Ghost Ranch will host their annual Peace and Justice Week. The week will feature inspiring music and worship (led by Corey Nelson), an IMG_3255 SMALL opportunity to witness for peace at Los Alamos in relation to Hiroshima Day, an enhanced camping program, and seminars on climate change, weapons of mass destruction and weapons of no discrimination, the Accra Confession, restorative justice, and more.

Register for Ghost Ranch before May 15 and save $100.

And here's a special deal for students of Presbyterian Colleges and Seminaries:  pay half price on the registration fee for any Peace and Justice course, $125 instead of $250!

Peacemaking Program staff look forward to seeing you this summer.

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