HIV/AIDS and peacemaking

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"Where there is sickness and where there is suffering, there can be no
peace." So the Rev. Kondwani Gondwe of the Matiki Presbyterian Church
in Malawi reminded a group of Presbyterians on a travel/study seminar last March.

The Biblical understanding of peace includes justice, wholeness, and
well-being and leads peacemakers to concern and action for our sisters
and brothers affected by HIV/AIDS around the world.

"Africa's Children" (PDF) reviews the models of care existing in sub-Saharan Africa and evaluates them in the context of the African culture and the realities of limited resources.  Additionally, this book includes discernment questions for congregation or individuals that want to help.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide information about HIV/AIDS in the United States.

The Kaiser Family Foundation provides a number of key resources and fact sheets that provide statistics, trends, data on the impact of HIV and more. They have materials for the global situation and the United States.

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program has created a flyer, "AIDS and Peacemaking." (PDF)

Additional information on responding to HIV/AIDS is available through the Presbyterian International AIDS Ministries Office and the Presbyterian AIDS Network, part of the Presbyterian Health, Education, and Welfare Association.

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