Revamped e-newsletters about to launch

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is in the process of moving to a new system for delivery of email newsletters. This new format will allow programs and offices to send HTML e-newsletters.

Subscribe to any or all of the e-newsletters. A wide variety of e-newsletters are available. The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program offers two:

"Peacemaking Program" consists of updates sent weekly (more or less depending on how busy I am and whether I am on vacation; they may be sent more frequently near the end of a Congressional session). It is read-only.

"Peacemaking Congregations" is designed for congregational use. This monthly e-newsletter contains ideas for implementing the "Commitment to Peacemaking." It too is read-only.

Sign up today for the Peacemaking Program's e-newsletters or any of the other e-newsletters offered by programs and offices of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

NOTE: you need to subscribe even if you have been subscribed to any PC(USA) e-newsletter in the past.

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