Major Cuts in Nuclear Weapons on the Table?

An article posted on the Times Online reports that President Obama plans to convene talks with Russia aimed at reducing each country's nuclear weapons' stockpile. And the reduction could be significant. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation provides an opportunity to email President Obama expressing support for talks between the United States and Russia that seek to reduce nuclear arsenals.  

The article states:

“We are going to re-engage Russia in a more traditional, legally binding arms reduction process,” an official from the Administration said. “We are prepared to engage in a broader dialogue with the Russians over issues of concern to them. Nobody would be surprised if the number reduced to the 1,000 mark for the post-Start treaty.”

Now of course 1,000 is a large number of nuclear weapons. But it would be a significant decrease from current levels. It would be an important step toward a safer world.

Since 1946, when the General Assembly supported measures “. . . looking toward drastic cuts in national armaments through international agreement,” Presbyterian General Assemblies, acting out of faith in Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, have understood that working for God’s intended order and life abundant involves seeking international disarmament and arms control measures.

The 215th General Assembly (2003) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) called the United States to "Initiate talks on further nuclear cuts, beginning with U.S. and Russian reductions to 1,000 warheads each."

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