For the People of Gaza

The United Nations reports that 320 people have died in Gaza since Saturday, December 27. In that same time period, the BBC cites Israeli sources indicating that 110 rockets have been fired into Israel resulting in the deaths of 2 civilians.

Gaza was already in a desperate situation before this increased conflict, with a significant lack of food, medicine, fuel and electricity due to the Israeli blockade.

Action by Churches Together (ACT) has warned of a dramatic escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza if Israel, Hamas and other militant groups do not cease the current hostilities and avert a new military conflict.

ACT and their ecumenical partners working in Gaza report that they are responding to emergency needs as the situation develops. 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is in communication with ACT and other partners and will assist in responding to humanitarian needs as possible. Contributions to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance's Middle East account will be used to help respond to the crisis in Gaza.

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