Happy Birthday United Nations


Today, October 24 is United Nations Day.

The Better World Campaign reminds us that, despite its challenges, flaw, and shortcomings, the United Nations plays a significant role in the lives of people around the world. Often the shortcomings are highlighted while significant work goes on in the background and is almost invisible.

In just the past few years, the United Nations and UN agencies have:

  • Vaccinated more than 500 million children since 2000, reducing measles deaths by 68%;
  • Provided food, shelter, medical aid, and education to more than 25 million people in 2007 alone—the highest yearly total ever;
  • Organized the first ever democratic elections in Afghanistan, as well as the first in decades in Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Created more than 50 sustainable energy enterprises in developing countries, serving more than 300,000 people; and
  • Deployed over 130,000 troops and personnel to 19 political and peacekeeping missions.

The Presbyterian United Nations Office and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program provide worship resources to celebrate United Nations Day this Sunday (October 26).

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