Soldiers of Conscience

The 218th General Assembly (2008) encouraged “the Peacemaking Program to produce and identify study guides and discernment materials for individuals, congregations, and presbyteries to help church members and their friends be able to articulate God’s calling on their lives in regard to participating in the armed forces, and war.”

One such resource is the film “Soldiers of Conscience." Made with the official p
ermission of the U.S. Army, the documentary explores questions such as “When is it right to kill? In the midst of war, is it right to refuse?” The film focuses on eight U.S. soldiers. Some continue to serve; some have sought status as conscientious objectors; all are “soldiers of conscience,” torn between the demands of duty and the call of conscience and the tension between spiritual values and military orders. The film provides the opportunity to hear and weigh a variety of positions.

“Soldiers of Conscience” is scheduled for broadcast on P.O.V. on PBS on Thursday, October 16 at 9:00 PM. Check your local listings and contact your local station if it does not plan to air the film.

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