The Momentum Builds – International Day of Peace

My colleagues at the Presbyterian United Nations Office forwarded me a letter from the folks at the United Nations who are working on the International Day of Peace – Sunday, 21 September! A couple interesting things:

CNN’s iReport, a news-oriented kind of youtube, just launched a special page for the International Day of Peace! Just get registered and put your calls for world leaders and personal peace stories in videos, photos and texts online to everyone to see. We would love to know about what YOU think of peace and do for peace! And if you are lucky your story may appear on CNN.

The TXT 4 PEACE campaign is getting bigger and bigger. Several hundred messages have come in so far!

Please keep sending your text messages to world leaders with the word ‘PEACE’ and then your message to 69866! The goal is 10.000 text messages by Sunday, 21 September! Help spread the word.

By sending a message you give permission to the United Nations to publish it in any media.

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