A Peace Vigil–In Iran

The Fellowship of Reconciliation reports that the Tehran Peace Museum and the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support are planning a candlelight vigil at 19:00 local time (10:30 EST) on September 21 to commemorate the UN-designated International Day of Peace. The organized event is a historic first in Iran, where tensions with the United States are causing serious anxiety.

This presents a unique opportunity to vigil or pray with Iranians during our observances of the International Day of Peace.

Other ideas include:

  • urge your Representative to oppose legislation (H. Con. Res. 362) that in effect calls for a blockade of Iran
  • invite Iranians in your community to participate in events on the International Day of Peace
  • announce the Tehran ceremony at your International Day of Peace events
  • sending a message of support now to the lead international organizer in Tehran, Dr. Shahriar Khateri, at khateri@scwvs.org

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